Maple Ridge Boudoir Photographer

A deep feminist empowering experience

“I’ve never thought of myself as sexy (I’m sure a lot of women feel that way) and no matter how many affirmations I get from my husband, I could never see it. I’ve considered myself pretty, strong, tender, loving but growing up I knew that I did not have the “desired norm body” as I have a bounty of hair on most of my body and breasts that most 12 year olds have.

However, now that I’m 40 and have carried in my body 2 babies and nursed them for years, completed 2 triathlons, ran 2 trail run competitions, tried every fun athletic class from adult gymnastic, circus school, hiphop, ninja warrior, rock climbing and more I feel that I have a better relationship with my body. And this year turning 40 has brought a new appreciation for the beauty that my body poses. I still have insecurities, but it would be so lovely to see myself in another way and to push myself out of my comfort zone. Also, as a dedicated and exuberant mother, I rarely take time to myself or acknowledge my humanity and this would be a deep feminist, empowering experience that I could not get anywhere else.”

sigal before after2

What Sigal felt AFTER her boudoir session

“Back in the fall I was having a hard time; mentally, emotionally and was in a difficult place physically, so I decided to do this thing. I booked a boudoir session with Vivian and had an amazing uplifting experience. It was exactly what I needed to change my perspective about myself and it was something I’d been meaning to do for many years!! She made me feel so comfortable and confident, powerful and sensual in my skin and I have the most beautiful photos to look at any time I feel down about myself. If you are considering something like this for yourself, I highly recommend Vivian.”

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