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5 Reasons to Book Your Empowering Outdoor Boudoir Session in 2021

During the pandemic, many people have discovered new hobbies, found a new love for the outdoors and our surrounding nature and new ways to inspire themselves. Have you considered adding an outdoor boudoir session to your bucket list this year? It’s one of my favourite types of boudoir shoots to do.

Outdoor boudoir sessions are becoming more popular as people seek new ways to feel empowered and confident in our busy world. Especially if you are a nature lover or in any way an outdoor enthusiast, this is likely to be an epic experience for you! But for obvious reasons, an outdoor shoot might be a bit scarier than an in-studio shoot for some people.

It doesn’t have to be though! You certainly don’t have to strip down to your birthday suit for an outdoor boudoir session! We can make it more of a portrait session but with sexier clothing or a bathing suit – and what’s wrong with wearing a bathing suit on the beach right.

Also, we’ll choose locations and times that give you more privacy so you can feel free to be as natural as you please. My favorite place for outdoor sessions is Golden Ears Park in Maple Ridge. You have everything in one location – beaches, water, mountains and the forest so it will give us a huge variety of beautiful backdrops to work with!Woman in photoshoot


Outdoor boudoir sessions are honestly so much fun and they really spike my creativity! I really thrive when I do these sessions as I am such a sucker for nature and the outdoors. So you can expect pretty epic results from your outdoor boudoir shoot! Here are 5 reasons that may inspire you to book an outdoor boudoir session this year:

  1. Are you a nature lover? There is something empowering about going more “natural” in nature. If you already have a love of the outdoors, an outdoor boudoir session is the perfect opportunity to get some fabulous outdoor photos done and harness some of Mother Earth’s natural energy.Woman in red dress, Boudoir photoshoot
  2. Can’t beat natural light. There is something special and romantic about shooting in natural light. As much as we try to make in-studio photos natural, some still feel posed. With outdoor photos, we have a bigger opportunity to make even the posed pictures look more natural and carefree. Imagine the silhouette of you against a summer setting sun!Nature boudoir photoshoot
  3. Get varied scenery options: With “traditional” indoor boudoir shoots you’re often limited to one room, which limits the angles and types of shots you can do. When you’re outdoors your canvas is expanded and you can get more variety in your shots.outdoor boudoir session at beach
  4. Play with varied moods. In outdoor boudoir shoots it’s much easier to change the mood of your shots. Something as simple as the angle of the sun, your background, or natural props, can change the mood from soft and sensual, to hot and steamy in a few frames.Outdoor boudoir in water
  5. Get a unique piece of art to display your favorite photo: Whether you choose to enjoy your outdoor boudoir photos privately in an album or more publicly as wall art in your home, you’ll be creating a unique piece of art to showcase your power and confidence.

I’ve seen how boudoir sessions empower my clients, but I recognize that it’s often a step outside of their comfort zone.

Woman in boudoir photoshoot outdoors
“Great things don’t come from comfort zones. In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

I don’t want this to be an uncomfortable experience for you. I want it to empower you! So, before your outdoor boudoir photoshoot, we’ll talk about the session and discuss what you hope to get from it. During the shoot, I’ll guide you through every pose as you embrace your inner beauty in nature. Two weeks later you’ll get to choose your favourite shots!

Due to the extra planning required for these shoots, I’m only opening 10 spots for 2021 outdoor boudoir shoots. If you want to talk about booking your outdoor boudoir photoshoot, let’s set up an appointment and we can talk about this exciting experience!

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