"Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful."
~ Sophia Loren



I’m a mom, wife and artist with a diverse creative mind and a big heart! With my family I love to travel and explore! I can laugh hours at silly jokes, memes or really good conversational gifs. I am a daydreamer and have set huge goals for me and my family in life. I love making women feel their best and I believe every woman has beautiful features that I'm dedicated to bring out in her!

The Experience


Before your session, I'll make sure to go over what to expect in detail! I'll answer any questions and concerns you might have and we'll go over your vision for your session in advance to make sure we get all the details right!


During your session I'll be there to guide and cheer you on through every pose and outfit! Your session will fly by as you embrace your inner beauty and rediscover all the wonderful reasons why you're just so incredible!


A week to two weeks later, you'll be able to choose and order your favorite images to have made into gorgeous works of art to adore in your home!

Check out what these Gorgeous Women had to say about their Empowerment Experience!
Boudoir photographer langley 7

"Wow, Vivian. I really want to thank you so much for yesterday. It was a great experience and u are doing women an amazing service with your encouragement and uplifting words on your group. I will refer everyone I can think of to you because u have been so awesome and uplifting to me. Worth every penny. And u, Vivian are worth a million. I am consumed with emotions that I do not believe I have felt before. But I can tell you that meeting u has been a game changer for me. I feel so different than I did 2 days ago and I think that it is just the beginning. So, thank you, thank you so much. You are an incredible woman with a beautiful heart and an extremely great talent for photography. U are truly changing the lives of the people u meet."

Lower mainland boudoir photographer 42

"Back in the fall I was having a hard time; mentally, emotionally and was in a difficult place physically, so I decided to do this thing. I booked a boudoir session with Vivian and had an amazing uplifting experience.
It was exactly what I needed to change my perspective about myself and it was something I'd been meaning to do for many years!!
She made me feel so comfortable and confident, powerful and sensual in my skin and I have the most beautiful photos to look at any time I feel down about myself."

Langley boudoir photographer 5

"The pictures are phenomenal. Sometimes while posing my insecurities would creep up and I’d be thinking “there’s no way this looks good”, but then Vivian would get all excited about a shot and show me, and I was floored! She’s an absolute magician! My favorite part was Vivian’s passion!

Before the shoot I was so nervous about my flaws. I wanted to hide my big nose, make my waist smaller, make sure you couldn’t see the blemishes on my skin; but Vivian made me forget about those things by keeping me inspired with her passion and shooting me in a way that disguised my insecurities and highlighted my best features! I can’t thank Vivian enough, I’ll cherish these photos forever!"



Is Hair & Make Up Included?

Professional makeup application is included with your session! We’ll make you up with a gorgeous “Boudoir” style soft smokey eye and glossy nude lip and we’ll style your hair in big Victoria’s Secret waves to finish your look.

Picking My Outfit?

Choose outfits that make you feel sexy and comfortable. Whether you prefer bra and panty sets, boy shorts and a sweater or garters and a bustier, pick outfits that you love, in colors that are flattering and make sure that they fit you properly! Once you book your shoot and pay your deposit, you’ll receive an email outlining all the details on how to prepare for your shoot and wardrobe ideas.

Do you offer retouching?

I work with clients to find the most flattering poses and lighting to highlight their best features. If there’s something you feel particularly self-conscious about, let me know! Retouching is included with every session.