Finding Self-Love through Boudoir with Desiree

Like many of my clients, when Desiree walked through the door for her boudoir photography session, she was nervous. But during our time together, Desiree went from nervous to crying to laughing to discovering her inner and outer beauty! Not only did this boudoir babe realize how beautiful she really is but she also found the self-love she has been searching for. 

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Desiree’s story

“All my life, I have been compared to my older sister.”

Growing up, Desiree always felt out of step and less than, especially when she was being measured against her older sister. It felt like her sister was better and was clearly their mother’s favourite. Desiree explains, “I could never do anything right in my mother’s eyes. I read too slow, I ate too much, and I spoke my mind.”

Sadly, Desiree’s experiences at school weren’t any better than what was going on at home. “I was picked on, made fun of and bullied because of my weight, my clothes, my height or because my sister told them to do it. This led me to some of my darkest moments.” Desiree’s self-hate led her to harm herself.

“I never felt good enough and it ate away at me slowly, bit by bit.”

Thankfully, as Desiree got older the self-harming stopped and she was able to channel her feelings into a career where she helped others. But she was still searching for a way to love herself. 

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Deciding to do a boudoir session

“Then my best friend did something that would change my life forever.”

Desiree’s best friend, Chaliene, had just done a boudoir photography session with me as a surprise for her husband for their 10th wedding anniversary. Desiree shared that she had always seen Chaliene as someone with great confidence and passion for life. But it wasn’t until after our boudoir session that Chaliene began to see herself that way too. Desiree explained, “After Chaliene’s shoot, she was changed for the better. She was a new woman who saw what I have always seen in her: inner and outer beauty.” 

Chaliene decided her best friend could use a dose of that same confidence and self-love. She continually encouraged Desiree to give a boudoir photography session a try until Desiree eventually agreed, and gave me a call to set things up. 

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Finding self-love through boudoir photography

When Desiree walked into my studio, I could tell she was very nervous at first. In fact, Desiree later told me she thought she was going to be sick from nerves! But it didn’t take long for Desiree’s super sweet and outgoing personality to begin shining through. 

“From the moment I stepped into Vivian's home, she made me feel like I belonged. The whole experience blew my mind! Vivian makes you feel safe and comfortable while you are at your most vulnerable.”

It didn’t take long before Desiree and I were chatting away and laughing, all while I was snapping photos of her. I could see a confident woman emerging before me. But it was time for Desiree to see it too. I showed Desiree the photos I had taken and she was so moved by what she saw that she started to cry. 

“I couldn't believe this beautiful and seemingly confident woman in the photos was me...but it was me! I left Vivian's that day changed.”

We continued taking photos and having a great time together. I could tell that Desiree was enjoying her boudoir photography experience and feeling some much needed self-love. Desiree was feeling like a queen with her hair and makeup professionally done by Drupti of Boldlooks Esthetics & Make-up

“Vivian helped me find what I've been searching for my whole life. I found love and approval, finally! But it didn’t come from some guy or my mom or sister, it came from me. I finally found the self love I’ve been looking for in my life.”

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