from tomboy mom to boudoir style

From Tomboy Mom to Boudoir Style Woman with Ashley

My favourite part of being a Vancouver boudoir photographer is watching my beautiful clients transform right before my eyes. And that’s exactly what happened with Ashley. Ashley came into my studio like many of my boudoir clients: nervous and totally out of her comfort zone. But it didn’t take long for Ashley to find her boudoir style and become her own woman!

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Lost tomboy mom

If you asked Ashley to describe herself, she’d tell you she’s a tomboy mom. In fact, Ashley would describe herself as a “very shy, nervous, plain, married mother of two boys.” But I knew that we could bring out Ashley’s own boudoir style. It was just a matter of pulling her out of her usual shell.

Ashley spends her days living in a household of hockey players and taking care of outdoorsy guys. There isn’t a lot of time for make-up, hair or even simple self-care like a bubble bath. But Ashley’s family is her world. As a mom myself, I know how easy it is to get wrapped up in our children and our partners. We would do anything for them and we often get lost in the process.

I know my fellow moms are nodding along right now!

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Living with illness

Beyond being a busy tomboy mom, Ashley is also living with rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects the joints, resulting in pain and swelling. Sadly, the pain and stiffness often worsen after a period of rest. So not only is Ashley running a household as a busy mom but she’s doing it with an autoimmune disease. 

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many boudoir clients who suffer from diseases and illnesses. It’s heart-wrenching to hear their stories and learn what they live with each day. For a lot of these clients, the idea of seeing their sick body as sexy and beautiful is out of the question. But once we start their session, and having me guide them into gentle posing to discover their own boudoir style, they’re able to escape from their illness at least for the moment and see their body and themselves as confident, empowered and stunning!  

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Finding her boudoir style

The first step in Ashley’s transformation from tomboy mom to boudoir babe was getting glam. In a house full of boys, there’s not a lot of glam time left for Ashley. Having the chance to get all dolled up by Drupti of Boldlooks Esthetics & Make-up was such a fun treat for Ashley. I always tell my clients it’s a great way to start your boudoir session and a beautiful gift to yourself.

For Ashley, this boudoir session was a bucket list moment. With this session, she was finally able to add another tick to her bucket list!

During our session, Ashley was totally owning it! She was smiling, posing and absolutely rocking the beautiful outfits she brought. I loved helping to highlight her beautiful tattoos and those killer heels!

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Becoming her own woman

“Having Vivian who is a sweet, fun, outgoing, powerful woman take a photo of me looking and feeling like a woman made me feel like I can be anyone I put my mind too.”

Once the camera started clicking, the transformation was in full effect. She wasn’t just diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. She wasn’t just an education assistant. And she certainly wasn’t just a tomboy mom. Ashley was her own woman. And she had finally found her boudoir style confidence! 

“I am in my own way a powerful, beautiful, strong individual which Vivian made me realize and feel.”

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“Thank you, Vivian, for checking off another item from my bucket list and making me feel more like a woman than just a tomboy mom.”

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