capture your body art with a tattoo boudoir session

Capture Your Body Art with a Tattoo Boudoir Session

I’ve had the privilege of working with so many beautiful and wonderful women as a boudoir photographer in Vancouver. Past clients might already know this of me – but I get really excited when I see beautifully done tattoos! So one of my favourite things to highlight is a woman’s body art! A tattoo boudoir session is the perfect way to show off your gorgeous art and share an important side of yourself. 

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Capture your body art that you have invested in

A tattoo boudoir session is the perfect way to capture the art and emotions you have invested in as imagery that you can keep forever! I know that most tattoos have a special meaning behind them – may it be in memory of a passed loved one, a symbol that represents a certain emotion or a quote that you live by! I can find a way to creatively and beautifully highlight the tattoo art on your body and help you create a portrait of you that you want to print and hang on your wall. 

Start by picking outfits and lingerie that show off your art. You can select something with cut-outs to show off a piece on your ribs, a low back to highlight art on your back, or high-cut panties to show off tattoos on your thighs. Think about the colours and fabrics of your outfits and how those can work to showcase your body art. A tattoo boudoir shoot is all about getting creative! 

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When you arrive at my studio with your outfits, you’ll already have the perfect accessory: your body art! Your tattoos are beautiful and personal, which is why I love to highlight them. 

We’ll work through poses and positions around the studio that best showcase you and your awesome body art. If you’re not sure how to pose or what to wear, don’t worry! You can always call me before your session as I would love to give you some advice. And during your tattoo boudoir shoot, I’m with you every step of the way. I will guide you through poses and help you shake off any nerves you might have. 


3 reasons why you should book a tattoo boudoir session

You spent all this money on your art – now’s the time to show it off! 

If you’re someone who has tattoos, you know that body art isn’t cheap. It’s expensive and something you have really had to invest in. Honour that investment by taking the time to highlight your important tattoos. Get the most out of it by creating gorgeous photos of you and your body art. 

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Your tattoos are meaningful to you 

There’s a reason you got your tattoos – because they mean something to you. Whether you’re making a statement, honouring a past loved one, embracing an art style or just showing off your personality, your body art is special and important. Those meaningful parts of your body and your look deserve a spotlight. They tell the story of you! 

Another great benefit of a tattoo boudoir session is seeing your art in a different light. You may have gotten used to seeing your tattoos a certain way, covering them up or even forgetting about them when you get dressed in the morning. But with an empowering boudoir session, you’ll see a whole different side to your body art!  

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Showing the confident and unique side of YOU

If you’re a woman with a lot of tattoos, there have likely been times in your life when you’ve been asked to hide your art. You may have been forced to wear sleeves, cover yourself up with make-up or otherwise hide your true self. A boudoir session is all about being the empowered, beautiful woman that you are and showing the confident and unique YOU!  There is no other photo shoot where all of the attention is on you and you get to CELEBRATE every side of yourself. 

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Ready to book your tattoo boudoir session? Get in touch with me! 

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