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Vancouver Boudoir Studio: A transformative experience for everyday women

Curious about boudoir photography? Let me fill you in on the transformation that will take place when you walk into my Vancouver boudoir studio. I promise you that you will leave with a happy heart and confidence that you may have been missing! Below I’m sharing the beautiful spaces in my studio, what you can expect before, during and after your session, and the total transformation you will experience with a boudoir session.

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The space

Welcome to my Vancouver boudoir studio! Located in West Maple Ridge, my studio is conveniently located and accessible from anywhere in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We also have free parking available.

Enter the Luxury Room. This is my take on French femme boudoir style. Enjoy soft, luxurious fabrics, feminine colors, and classic props like the vanity, sheer curtains and chandelier. This bright and airy space is the perfect place to begin your boudoir journey.

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Next, take a seat in the Boho Room for a completely different vibe. Here you’ll find natural elements like wood and plants, chic carpets and wall hangings, and lots of Bohemian seating options to inspire your boudoir photos. Be inspired by the moody decor!

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We can achieve every look at my Vancouver boudoir studio – from classic black and white images or rock and roll purple backdrops to steamy shower scenes or sultry fabric expressions. I have everything we need to bring your vision to life and I love experimenting with new looks.


Vancouver boudoir studio style

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The experience

Before you arrive at my Vancouver boudoir studio, we’ll get to know each other during your free consultation. I’ll answer all of your questions, calm your nerves and help you develop the perfect vision for your boudoir session.

On the day of your session, it’s all about pampering and ensuring you feel your best. We start with a glam hair and makeup treatment before you slip into your first outfit. During your boudoir session, I am right by your side the entire time. I’ll take you through every pose as we have a great time bringing your boudoir vision to life. You won’t be able to keep the smile off your face!

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After your session, you’ll return to my Vancouver boudoir studio for the final look. Prepare to be blown away by your beautiful images as I assure you, “Yes, that’s really you!” Choose your favourites and I’ll prepare them for you to display and admire in your home.

The Vancouver boudoir studio transformation

The best part of the Vancouver boudoir studio experience is the inner transformation. Boudoir is about so much more than women posing in lingerie. It’s about everyday, normal women realizing that they are confident, they are worthy, they are beautiful and they are deserving of self-love.

Every single woman deserves to not only feel beautiful, but to know that she is beautiful. During my boudoir sessions, I get to witness that transformation take place. I get to watch women fall back in love with themselves and leave my studio feeling brighter, bolder and more beautiful than they ever could have imagined.

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Ready to transform your inner self and book your Vancouver boudoir session? Get in touch with me to schedule your FREE consultation!

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