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What Do You Do With Your Boudoir Photos?

It takes a lot of courage to walk through my studio doors and say YES to transformation, self-empowerment and confidence during your boudoir session. Many women have a hard time putting themselves first. But once you do give yourself this awesome experience of self-love, then what? What do you do with your boudoir photos?

Gift for your partner

One of the most popular things you can do with your boudoir photos is to gift them to the special person in your life. Nothing says happy birthday like a shot of you looking incredibly confident and gorgeous! Trust me, your partner’s jaw is going to drop!

If you’re planning to gift your boudoir photos to your other half, let me know and we can incorporate that into your session. Some of my clients will bring along their husband’s shirt to wear or choose lingerie in their partner’s favorite color. During your free consultation, we can chat through different ways to personalize your session and ensure your gift is ready in time for a birthday, Valentine’s Day or other special moment.

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Wall Art

Another thing you can do with your boudoir photos is turn them into  pieces of wall art. Most women choose photos for wall art that are artsy, possibly anonymous – it could be a silhouette or a closeup of just your lips for example. Our wall art is of the highest quality and hand made locally – and you can choose between a metal print finished with an acrylic or a traditional canvas.

After your boudoir session, I will invite you back to my studio for the reveal of your photographs. I will help you to choose your favorites and pick the perfect image to display in your home.


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Album to cherish

I love creating boudoir photo albums for my clients. Flipping through the pages of a luxurious book filled with images I know are going to make a woman feel amazing puts such a smile on my face.

During your photo reveal, we’ll spend time picking out your favorite photos and then I’ll design a custom photo album. The day the album arrives will feel like Christmas morning as you once again get to see all of the beauty and empowerment that is YOU!

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Just for you

At the end of the day, I love being a boudoir photographer because I get to empower women and help them see how beautiful they truly are. It’s the best job in the world. When I show my client her photos and see the expression on her face as she embraces herself, flaws and all, I know I’m doing my job.

You deserve to have that transformative experience not just in your boudoir session but every day of your life. So when you’re deciding what to do with your boudoir photos, think about what you can do just for you. Give yourself a boost of that self-confidence and self-love every day by enjoying your photos, in print or digitally. Spend time falling in love with you because you are worth it!

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