5 reasons to book a bridal boudoir session

5 Reasons to Book a Bridal Boudoir Session

Bridal boudoir sessions are some of my favorite to shoot. I love being with a bride before her big day. There’s excitement in the air and so much to celebrate as Miss becomes a Mrs! 

While I believe a boudoir session can be life-changing for every woman at every stage of life, there’s something special about bridal boudoir. Read on for five reasons why you should book your bridal boudoir session and to check out some photos from gorgeous Larissa’s bridal session! 



Celebrate a big moment

Bridal boudoir is the perfect way not only to celebrate yourself, but to celebrate your upcoming wedding and marriage! Whether this is your first or third wedding and whether it’s a lavish affair with hundreds of guests or something more simple and intimate, a new marriage is a big milestone in your life. And that milestone deserves to be celebrated! 

Sure, you may have your bachelorette party or wedding shower to celebrate with your girls. But what about time to celebrate just you? A bridal boudoir session gives you the space to really mark this big occasion and spend time reflecting on your next stage of life. 

Create the perfect bridal boudoir gift

Most brides who book a boudoir session plan to gift the images to their spouse-to-be. Nothing makes a better wedding present than a luxury boudoir album full of photos of you looking drop dead gorgeous! I love spending time with my clients to help them put together the perfect album of their favorite shots, or to choose a beautiful photo to go up on your wall that you and your partner can admire and look at every day. 

TIP: To make the gift even more personalized, bring along a favorite item of your partner’s! Think his work shirt, a jersey of her favorite team, a tie, lingerie in their favorite color, or the cufflinks they’ll be wearing on the big day! 


Feel confident & empowered

The best part of any boudoir session is the way you will feel when you leave my studio. You will feel an overwhelming sense of confidence and empowerment. Many women find their self-love reawakened after a transformative boudoir session.

TIP: To make your bridal boudoir session even more impactful, consider using this opportunity to try out a new look for the wedding day. You can work with my hair and make-up artist to put together a wedding day trial look or to experiment with a glam style that’s totally different from your day to day.

Get comfortable in front of the camera

Many women who come to my studio are usually a bit nervous because they’ve never done something like this before. They have no idea how to pose or “look sexy.” And yet every single one of those women looks BREATHTAKING in her final photos. So if you’re feeling nervous ahead of your bridal boudoir session, you have no reason to be. I will guide you through poses and be with you every step of the way. You don’t need to know how to model before arriving! 

BONUS: Not only will the poses I teach you make for gorgeous boudoir photos, but they’ll also help with your wedding photos too! You can take all of the posing advice and knowledge you’ll gain into your wedding portraits so you know how to look your best. Plus, you’ll be a lot more comfortable in front of your photographer’s camera after our session together. 


Highlight your wedding accessories with bridal boudoir

The final reason to book a bridal boudoir session is a fun one: It’s the best way to highlight all of your beautiful wedding accessories! You’ve likely spent lots of time picking out the perfect bridal jewelry, choosing a veil, buying beautiful shoes and admiring your ring. Unfortunately, those items don’t get a lot of attention on the wedding day. But at your bridal boudoir session, those important accessories will be the stars of the show! 

Plus, your wedding photographer is probably not going to get a photo of you in your wedding night lingerie, so this is your only chance! 

To book your bridal boudoir session, get in touch with me! 



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