Photos for Success with Langley Headshot Photographer

Are you looking for a Langley headshot photographer? Look no further! 

I am so excited to offer headshot photography at my new Langley photo studio. In addition to my boudoir photography services, where everyday women experience luxury and empowerment, I am expanding my offering to serve more people and businesses. 

Langley headshot photographer services are now available and open to all genders. Book your headshot photo shoot now! 

What are headshots? 

Headshots are professional photos of a person, usually taken from their shoulders and up. While headshots don’t have to be stuffy and serious, they’re usually taken for professional purposes and used within a person’s business or job. 

Who needs a headshot? 

At some companies, it’s mandatory for every employee to have a headshot that can be used on the company website or directory. For other businesses, headshots are optional.

However, every professional can benefit from having headshots taken, even if they are not mandatory at your office. Headshots can help to elevate your career and set you up for success! 

headshot by langley headshot photographer, branding photography

Why are headshots important? 

As a Langley headshot photographer, I know that headshots are the best way for you to convey a professional image at your workplace. Even more importantly, a headshot can help you make a good first impression when applying for a new job or meeting with potential business partners. 

A professional headshot allows you to connect with your clients and customers. If your potential clients are greeted by your smiling, professional face when they visit your website or social media channels, they’ll have an easier time engaging with you compared to being greeted by a logo or unprofessional photo. A headshot lets your clients know that you are personable, professional and able to get the job done! 

Professional headshots can set you up for success. By taking the time to invest in a session with a Langley headshot photographer, you are making a commitment to your career. You are setting yourself up for future job growth by jump starting your new career or taking the next step in your field. Allow the images to inspire you to be the professional you know you are! 

headshot by langley headshot photographer, branding photography
headshot by langley headshot photographer, branding photography

3 tips for taking a great headshot

  1. Relax: You can’t look professional and calming in your headshot if that’s not how you feel during your headshot photo shoot. Make sure you get lots of rest, release the tension in your neck and shoulders, and relax! 
  2. Practice: Even if you’ve never had headshots done before, you can familiarize yourself with your best angles and poses. Look back at past photos of you and research other headshots to see what styles and poses you like best. 
  3. Connect with your headshot photographer: As your headshot photographer, it’s my job to help you feel comfortable, find your best poses and convey the image you want to project in your headshots. I will guide you through your photo shoot and if you have any questions, just ask! 

Take your Langley headshot photographer session to the next level! 

Headshots are just step one in your professional career transformation. Think of your headshot as your visual introduction within your industry.

But if you really want business partners and clients to get to know you better, you need to book a branding photography session. A branding photography session tells the visual story of you, your business and your brand with images that convey your authenticity and professionalism. 

Book your Langley headshot photographer session today! 

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