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Over the last 12 months I have invested a lot of my time into learning more about wall art design to serve my clients even more and create beautiful prints that they can enjoy on their walls and see every day! Whether you come in for boudoir, beauty, branding or maternity, with my wall art design services we will create the perfect look that seamlessly fit into your home or office space!

What are wall art design services? 

Wall art design is a service I offer my photography clients to really create that WOW factor from their photo shoot. After all, who looks at their digital images much once they are stored on your hard drive? If you invest in this experience financially and emotionally, at least one piece of wall art is something I highly recommend so you have your favorite image printed and can admire it every day when you wake up. Such an empowering feeling!

Also, if you are a business owner/entrepreneur and work out of your home, some fun printed branding photos of you can be super impressive to show off behind your desk during a zoom meeting with potential clients and prospects!

I begin by creating a mock up of what your wall art would look like in your home or office space. I select the best photos from your session and create a mock up design that reflects the style, colours and mood of your space.

Next, I present the mock up to you so you can perfectly envision what your wall art will look like in your own living room, office, bedroom or boardroom. From there, we’ll finalize the images and product choices, like sizing and framing. 

The final step in my custom wall art design services? Installation! Once you’ve confirmed your wall art order, my team will take care of processing, shipping and installing your beautiful wall art in your space.   

framed wall art, photography wall art design
black and white metal wall art design

Why choose wall art design services

With wall art design services, your photographer is able to do everything for you from start to finish. From taking and editing your photos right through to installation, everything is handled by one cohesive team - and you don’t have to lift a finger! 

Wall art design services allow you to customize your interior design. Not only will your wall art be personalized to you, since it features images from your photo session, but all of the finishes will also be customized to your style and taste.

For example, you can choose metal wall art designs for a sleek and modern look. Or, if you have a more traditional style in your space, you can opt for a wooden, antique frame. As an experienced photographer, I will guide you through selecting the right images, formats and frames to match your style and space. 

framed boudoir wall art in living room, wall art design services

Why you should turn your photos into wall art 

By hanging your photos on your walls, you’ll have an everyday reminder of how beautiful, powerful and strong you are. You’ll get a confidence boost every time you pass your wall art! 

Check out 5 reasons to turn your boudoir photos into wall art! 

Not only will your wall art be empowering for you, but it can inspire your whole family. Think about how powerful it would be to grow up in a home where mom is proud of herself. Consider what kind of lesson you could teach your kids when you show them that we all deserve to feel confident and comfortable in our own skin.

Worried boudoir images are too risqué for your home? While some of your photos may be more revealing, we can create family-friendly images that will make the perfect bespoke wall art for your home. Think of timeless shots, classic poses and covering up with beautiful outfits or props

framed boudoir wall art, wall art design services
framed branding photography with custom wall art design

Why you should turn your branding photos into wall art

Wall art doesn't just have to be for personal use. Branding photography and entrepreneurs can make use of my custom wall art design services as well. 

Branding photography creates a cohesive look and feel for your business - it’s the visual story of who you are and what you do. That story shouldn’t just live on your website and social media pages. 

If you own a business and work from home, a well designed wall art collage behind your desk will impress prospective leads and customers while you're on a zoom call with them! Wall art allows your customers to learn more about you and your brand from the moment they talk to you. With my custom service, I can help you create wall art that brings your interior design together and impresses your prospects and clients.

For businesses with offices, wall art is a great way to brand your space. Employees and business partners will instantly know they’re working somewhere professional and with a brand they can take pride in.

Learn more about my custom wall art design services by getting in touch and booking your photography session! 

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