turn your boudoir photos into wall art

Turn Your Boudoir Photos into Wall Art

One of the best ways to display your photos and celebrate your session is by turning your boudoir photos into wall art. I encourage all of my boudoir clients to print and frame some of their favourite shots as a reminder every day of just how beautiful they truly are.

But so many of my clients balk at the idea of hanging their boudoir photos around the house. They tell me, “Vivian, I can’t put up naked photos of me around the house! What will my kids say? I don’t want our guests seeing that!”

I get it. I’m not saying you should frame a completely nude photo of you and hang it above the fireplace! But that doesn’t mean you should write off wall art completely.

Green Minimalist boudoir Wall Art

5 reasons to turn your boudoir photos into wall art

1) Boudoir photos can be classy and timeless

While many of the shots from your boudoir session may be sexy and revealing, you can choose to frame one where you’re more covered up. We’ll take plenty of photos that are totally family friendly, like ones that focus on your gorgeous smile or feature you in a more modest boudoir outfit. Just because it’s boudoir doesn’t mean every photo will be racy or explicit!

And if you’re looking to take more portraits that can be turned into wall art, just let me know. We can work together during your session to create images that are less revealing and more suited to the walls of your home.

how to turn your boudoir photos into wall art

2) You deserve a safe space to celebrate yourself

You deserve to have a safe and comfortable space where you can celebrate yourself every single day. Why shouldn’t that spot be in your own home? Even if it’s a less trafficked spot, tucked away in the corner of your bedroom or a private bathroom, you are worthy of a space that’s all about you.

3) Your photos deserve to be seen

I am a firm believer that boudoir photos shouldn’t be hidden away on a USB stick you only look through one time. Show them off! The best way to get the most out of your boudoir session is by turning your boudoir photos into wall art that you can enjoy and appreciate every single day. Framed photos are the perfect accompaniment to a boudoir album full of your favourite images.

turn your boudoir photos into wall art

frame your boudoir photos and display them in your bedroom

4) You can model confidence to your children

By turning your boudoir photos into wall art, you can teach your children what it’s like to be proud of the skin you’re in. Bodies are nothing to be ashamed of! Model to your children what it looks like to celebrate your body, instead of always picking it apart. That way, instead of seeing mom as just a chauffeur or cook, they can start to see her as a radiant and powerful person too!

5) This is your reminder of how incredible you are

Your boudoir photos are a reminder of your strength, your confidence and your power. When you’re having a bad day, catching a glimpse of one of the most empowering experiences of your life is the perfect pick me up. You can’t help but smile every time you see that gorgeous boudoir babe staring back at you.

neutral bedroom with framed boudoir photo

Still not ready to turn your boudoir photos into wall art? Don’t knock it until you try it! Promise me you’ll keep the idea on the table until your reveal day so we can see what kind of magic we’ve created together. Once you get a look at your photos, I’m sure you’ll be dying to get them on your walls right away!

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