wet t-shirt boudoir look

Try the Wet T-Shirt Boudoir Look

What do you get when you put a classic white shirt and some water together? An undeniably sexy wet t-shirt boudoir look!

Wet t-shirt boudoir shots are some of my favourite to capture. Not only do I love this look but my clients love it too. These water droplet photos are always a hit during reveals!

close up of wet t-shirt boudoir look

Vancouver boudoir

There’s something incredibly sensual about adding the element of water to your boudoir session. It allows you to get in touch with a new side of yourself and show off something a bit different.

I love the wet t-shirt boudoir look because it’s timeless and just super sexy! Sometimes it pays to go with a classic look that instantly makes you feel like your boldest and most confident self.

moody boudoir photo

wet t-shirt boudoir look with Calvin Kleins

While this is a tantalizing look for sure, it can be modified to your comfort level. You can show a little bit of a skin or a lot, vary your boudoir outfit by wearing a t-shirt or just a lingerie set, and highlight one area of your body or show off everything. During our session, I’ll work with you to find the poses that make you feel both beautiful and comfortable.

The best part of a wet t-shirt boudoir session is that we get to play with your look. We work with dark, moody shadows to really bring out the water droplets and focus on your best features. This allows us both to be creative and artistic.

wet t-shirt boudoir photography

water boudoir photography

With the dark and moody vibe, these sensual water photos offer something completely different from the rest of your boudoir session. You may start off with some light and bright photos by the window or on the bed, transition to something more boho in my studio space, or even connect with nature during an outdoor boudoir session. The wet t-shirt boudoir look is just one more way to show off another side of your sexy self in a different setting.

Ready to rock the wet t-shirt look at your next boudoir session? Good news! This look is one of the FREE BONUSES our clients receive with our prepayment plan. Get in touch to learn more and book your session! 

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