boudoir photography outfit ideas

30 Incredible Boudoir Photography Outfit Ideas

So you’ve taken the plunge and booked your boudoir session. Congrats! But now comes the big question: What should you wear to your boudoir photo shoot? If you’re not sure where to start, below I’m sharing 30of my favourite boudoir photography outfit ideas that you can rock at your session!

30 boudoir photography outfit ideas you should try:

All black

A classic boudoir outfit idea is an all black ensemble. Whether it’s a matching bra and panty set, bodysuit or cute romper, you can’t go wrong with timeless black for a stylish and chic look!

Plus size boudoir session with redhead woman in black outfit

all black boudoir photography outfit ideas

All white

Of course, just as classic as the all black outfit is the all white boudoir photography outfit. This is also a great outfit choice if you’re planning a bridal boudoir shoot!

all white boudoir photography outfit

His shirt

Giving your boudoir photos to your partner as a Valentine’s Day gift or to celebrate your anniversary? Make the shoot extra special by wearing an item of their clothing!

Nothing but a sheet

It truly doesn’t get more intimate than wearing nothing but a sheet during your boudoir photo shoot. The great thing about wearing a sheet is your boudoir photographer can help adjust it so you can show off as little or as much skin as you’d like.

boudoir photography outfit ideas

The girl next door

Everyone loves the girl next door! Turn up the sexy when you pair a matching bra and panty set with super casual jeans. Approachable but irresistible all at the same time!

jeans and Calvin Klein boudoir photography outfit

Red robe

I love the way a woman moves when she’s wrapped in a soft robe. Whether it’s tulle or satin, a robe is a great way to cover up but still feel super sexy. Bonus points if you rock a bold red robe!


Ride ’em, cowgirl! Take your boudoir session to the next level when you bring along a favourite prop or accessory, such as a cowgirl hat. Yeehaw!

cowboy hat cowgirl boudoir photo outfit


A fishnet top is a great way to show off your assets while still feeling covered up. I love how much attitude my clients bring to their sessions whenever they’re rocking fishnet!

fishnet boudoir photography outfit ideas

fishnet boudoir photography outfit ideas


A bustier, or a corset, is one of the best boudoir photography outfit ideas. This tight fitting top lifts the chest, smooths out your curves and always makes you feel drop dead gorgeous!


Who says camo can’t be sexy? This is a great choice if you (or the special someone you’re gifting your boudoir photos to!) served in the military.

camouflage boudoir photography outfit

Bright colours

You don’t have to stick to black or white for your boudoir photo shoot. Experiment with blue, purple, neon or animal print for an exciting pop of colour!

Thigh highs

It’s not just about the bras, panties and bustiers – the socks and shoes matter too! You can make a huge impact with a pair of thigh high stockings or boots. Add a garter belt (also known as a suspender belt) for an even sexier look.

black thigh high stocking boudoir outfit

boudoir photo with leather boots


A chemise, also known as a baby doll top, is fitted in the chest and then flows out over your waist and hips. It’s a great boudoir outfit option if you’re looking for something soft and romantic to glide over your curves.

Leather jacket

Nothing says Bad Biker Chick better than a leather jacket! Rock a leather jacket at your next session for an instant confidence boost.

leather jacket boudoir outfit

Crop top

Crop tops are perfect boudoir photography outfit ideas for when you want a cute but casual look. It’s a great way to show off your body if you want something a little different, or more covered up, than traditional lingerie.


A bodysuit, also known as a teddy, is a single piece of lingerie, like a one piece bathing suit. Bodysuits are definitely a popular option since they come in so many designs, colours and fabrics to fit every body type and preference.

red bodysuit boudoir outfit

black bodysuit boudoir outfit

Something sparkly

Love all things glitz and glam? Add a little bling to your boudoir session with a sparkly top, bottom or cover up.

Racy red

Red is the perfect choice for a bold, powerful and undeniably sexy boudoir photo shoot. Just like the classic black and white boudoir photography outfit ideas, you can’t go wrong with strong and sultry red!

red boudoir photography outfit ideas

red boudoir photography outfit ideas

Shorts and a white tee

Boudoir outfits are not limited to lingerie. You can look just as sexy in denim shorts and a white t-shirt as you can in any bodysuit or bustier!

denim jean shorts and white shirt boudoir outfit

denim jean shorts and white shirt boudoir outfit

Formal gown

Think there’s no room for formal wear in a boudoir session? Think again! I love when my clients wear beautiful and striking gowns to their shoots.

Flowy skirt

1) Take a beautiful boudoir babe. 2) Put her in a long, flowing skirt. 3) Add water. What do you get? Pure magic! A flowy skirt is perfect for an outdoor boudoir session.

long flowing red skirt boudoir outfit

Cover up with a shawl

Whether you’re looking to cover up or just have fun with some fabric, a light and gauzy shawl is a great addition to your boudoir outfit. Many of my clients like to start with a shawl on and then drop it as they grow more confident throughout their session.

boudoir photography outfit ideas

Wet t-shirt

Get in touch with your sensual side when you pose in a wet t-shirt at your boudoir shoot. It doesn’t get much more classically sexy than that!

wet t shirt boudoir outfit


If you don’t want to wear lingerie to your boudoir shoot, there are so many other options that are just as sexy! Why not try a powerful blazer paired with flattering jeans or thigh high stockings?

Casual cardigan

Sexy can mean lace and bare skin. But it can also mean soft fabrics and covering up. Consider adding a cardigan to your boudoir outfit for that perfect contrast between sweet and sultry!

cardigan and black lingerie set boudoir outfit

Halter style

Halter necklines are a fun way to add some design and detail to your outfit. They’re also very flattering for women with smaller chests or broader shoulders.

black halter top lingerie boudoir outfit

black halter top lingerie boudoir outfit

Bridal veil

Planning a bridal boudoir photo shoot? Then your veil is a must for your boudoir outfit! You may also want to bring along other accessories like your bridal jewelry or a bouquet.

bridal boudoir with white veil

Sports jersey

Cheer on the home team at your next boudoir session! Show off your team pride by wearing a jersey (and not much else!) for your shoot. PS: If you’re gifting your photos to your partner and they’re a big sports fan, nothing will make them happier than seeing you in a jersey!

Something a bit more risqué

Ready to show off some skin? A daring outfit is a great way to make a statement and ensure your boudoir session is unlike any other. Get inspired by a unique outfit that leaves little to the imagination!

boudoir photography outfit ideas

Angel wings

A recent addition to my boudoir client closet is this incredible pair of angel wings. Trust me, you’ll want to add these to your next boudoir outfit!

Which of these awesome boudoir photography outfit ideas do you love best? Which one will you be rocking at your next session?

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