pink angel wings with white background at boudoir photo shoot

Angel Wings Boudoir Sessions

Want to look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel coming down the runway? Then you need to do an angel wings boudoir session with me!

When I first introduced this stunning pair of angel wings into my studio, my clients were blown away. The first photos I shared were met with such a positive reaction in my VIP Facebook Group (click here to join us!). The ladies in that group could not wait to get their turn posing with these wings. It’s one of the best ways to take your boudoir session to a whole new level!

angel wings boudoir session

angel wings intimate photography session

pink angel wings photo shoot

An angel wings boudoir session is all about creating that soft, beautiful look. The wings look weightless and airy, with cascading pink feathers perfectly framing you in your best boudoir outfit. It’s also a really romantic look. The soft pinks bring out the beauty and grace in everyone I photograph.

angel wings boudoir pose

angel wings boudoir photo shoot on bed

Not only are the angel wings a romantic addition to your intimate photography session, but they’re super sexy too! My clients feel so empowered with these wings on their back. Every shot we create together is magical as my clients are inspired to be even more creative and confident in their posing.

angel wings boudoir session

moody angel wings photo shoot

pink angel wings photo pose

Inspired by the runway models of Victoria’s Secret, an angel wings session is a great way to elevate your boudoir experience and create a look you can’t achieve any other way. Not only are the angel wings so fun to play with in my boudoir studio, but they also make for incredible photos. My clients rave about how beautiful their angel wings look printed in a photo album. They’re also such a big eye catcher hanging in your home as boudoir wall art!

pink angel wings boudoir photo against white room divider

boudoir photo with pink angel wings and purple lingerie

Would you try the angel wings look at your photo shoot? Get in touch to learn more and book the wings for your next boudoir session in my studio! 

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