steamy shower boudoir photos

Steamy Shower Boudoir Photos

Ready to take your boudoir experience to the next level? Then you need to pose for some steamy shower boudoir photos! It doesn’t get more unique or more sensual than this!

I love to elevate your boudoir photography experience, whether that’s by adding angel wings, getting outside or creating the illusion of a shower scene. Each one of these additions brings a unique factor to your boudoir shoot and makes for the most incredible photos.

water boudoir session

boudoir shower session

How do we create these steamy shower boudoir photos?

While it may look like it, you don’t actually pose in a real shower in order to capture these sensual shots! Instead, it’s a special set up that just makes it look like you’re in a real shower.

Once the set up is ready and you’re in place, we bring in the water. I then use special lighting to highlight the individual water droplets on your body. Being able to see the droplets of water and steam from the “shower” makes these images feel so much more intimate and real.

boudoir shower session

boudoir shower session

What do I wear for a shower boudoir session?

I have tons of boudoir outfit ideas and lots of them will work for shower boudoir photos. It all depends on what you feel comfortable wearing and what areas of your body you most want to highlight.

The wet t-shirt look is an instant classic and brings a “girl next door” level of sex appeal to your steamy shower boudoir photos. You could also rock a bikini for another water-friendly option. Many of my clients also choose to go partially or fully nude during their shower session. This bare look creates a more natural and more intimate final image.

I love working with my clients to create sexy, unique and empowering images. We get creative using different natural elements, props, lighting and settings to produce magic together.

Not only will you go home with beautiful, unique images that are sure to stand out, but you’ll also leave with a new confidence and a reminder of how strong and beautiful you truly are!

Ready to book your steamy shower boudoir session with me? Get in touch! 

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