Embracing the Beauty Within: Why I shoot Boudoir Photography

Today, I invite you to dive into the reasons behind my passion for shooting boudoir, exploring the artistry, empowerment, and beauty that unfolds through my lens. Back 10 years ago, I was a wedding photographer and I loved working with my couples on their most special day! One of my brides asked me about a boudoir photo shoot as a gift to her husband on their wedding day and I told her I am game (although I never photographed boudoir before haha!). We created such amazing images and I still remember how much in awe she was seeing these images of herself and how much it did for her self-esteem and confidence. So although these photos were originally meant for her husband, in retrospect this photo shoot was even much more meaningful and also a huge gift to herself! And I was immediately hooked on this genre!

Soon after this, I researched educational resources and studied everything about this empowering niche from posing, to which products to offer, how to structure my new business. And Klein Studios was born! Since 2018 I have been shooting nearly 500 boudoir sessions! It's been an absolute joy and blessing to work with so many women and see first hand the impact this experience has had on them! I have photographed women in their 20s to well into their 60's and even 70's, divorced women, who have left abusive relationships, moms who have worked hard to raise their kids while neglecting their own needs and women who saw the incredible value of capturing their legacy.


Here are some more reasons why I love boudoir so much!

Embracing your unique self:

Although we do have some posing tricks up our sleeves that we love, we don't just create the exact same shots for everyone! We aim to capture each woman as their unique self with their individual personality traits attached and shine through! We're all about showcasing what makes each person uniquely beautiful. Many women tell us after their shoot that the actual experience doing the shoot was just as much fun as receiving their photos. This is because we create a safe space for a self-discovery adventure that leaves everyone feeling proud and totally themselves!

Turning Vulnerability into Powerful badassery:

Ever thought vulnerability could be empowering? Well, boudoir proves it can be. By creating a cozy atmosphere, we capture those genuine, real moments that scream strength and resilience! It's about embracing vulnerability and turning it into your superhero cape.

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Spreading Body Positivity Vibes:

Time to ditch those unrealistic beauty standards! Boudoir photography is my way of giving society's expectations the side-eye. I'm all in for portraying bodies in a positive light, promoting self-love and shouting from the rooftops that every body is beautiful in its own way.


Memories That Stick Around:

Sometime we have a client reach out to us who we photographed a few years ago sharing with with us how she still loves looking at her beautiful album. And how much this experience had an impact on her. Boudoir sessions are more than just striking a pose; they're about creating memories that stick. Whether it's a gift for a special someone or a personal milestone celebration, these photos are like a time capsule of your awesomeness. It's a bit of visual storytelling that goes beyond the ordinary.


Getting Artsy:

Boudoir let's us unleash our creative beast. From playing with lights and angles to capturing those 'caught in the moment' expressions, each photo is like our personal masterpiece.


Boudoir photography isn't just about taking photos; it's a wild ride of self-love, empowerment, and feeling confident and beautiful. Through our lens, we're on a mission to capture the real you, celebrating your unique beauty and turning each session into a visual diary of self-discovery. Boudoir is like a rebellion against societal norms, letting individuals be their unfiltered, awesome selves. Ready to dive into the world of boudoir with us? Let's do this! 📸✨

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