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Terrie’s inspiring story and how much a boudoir shoot meant to her

Terrie is one of those clients you never forget and that you cherish working with for the rest of your life. I am so grateful for the trust and gratitude I receive from so many women I work with. 

Before Terrie’s photo shoot, I read what she wrote in her questionnaire that I send out to all of my clients (I posted it blow because her story is so inspiring) and knew that this shoot was extra special to her. We connected so perfectly and I could have honestly spent the whole day with her. We just had a blast together and she shared her story with me in a bit more detail. I am so honored to have been able to capture these images for her and learn more about her life!

And here is her story written by her

“I  wanted to do a boudoir shoot back in late 2012 as I was in the best physical shape of my life and wanted to surprise my BF. But, on Jan 3, 2013  before I could book it, I suffered a devastating car accident that left me with long term back damage and 5 years of constant pain.  I had worked very hard for a few years at getting myself into shape and feeling good about how I looked, how I felt and where I was in my life. It’s actually a long story so I will backtrack a bit to give you some history.

I was married to a man 20 years my senior for 30 years. Life was all about him and what he wanted. For the last 10 years of his life (2000-2010)  he was partially paralyzed from a massive stroke, had colon cancer, and I was his sole caregiver – while also working full time as a Supervisor for the Federal Government, and trying to make time for my children and 3 grandchildren. Not sure how I managed it all at the time but we do what we have to do. In March 2010 he passed away. To put it simply, that man was not a decent human being (emotionally abusive actually) nor kind nor loving nor ever thought of anyone but himself, his children included. I felt like I had been released from a prison of my own making and went about completely taking my life, my health and soul back. I turned 50 just days later and determined to put myself back into the best shape of my life, both physically and emotionally, and start my life again. I went sky-diving, I went to Mexico and Hawaii for the first time, got my belly button pierced, got my first tattoo, all in the same year, hahaha. I worked out. I used to like to say I lost 350 pounds! (50 was mine,  300 was my deceased husband).  

boudoir shoot


I ate healthy, exercised daily, got out and socialized, saw my grandchildren so much more, and started dating. I discovered there were some really great (and not so great) men out there. I eventually met an extraordinarily kind, loving, deliciously good looking man who was also a divorced father of 2 very young children he had about 60% of the time. The way he was with his kids really solidified my decision to continue building a relationship with him. Tyler and I have been together ever since. We used to go dancing, socialize with friends, the sex was off-the-charts mind-blowing (honestly, still is), we went on my dream once-in-a-lifetime trip to Sandals Jamaica, and we became best friends. He still is my best friend, greatest supporter and my ultimate “treat to me” !

When I had the accident he was so supportive, and kind, and patient. and has continued to be even though I am no longer that woman her first met. YES! I am still me, but I became very depressed at not being able to work out and maintain the shape I had worked so hard for. I was in constant pain, on antidepressants, and gaining weight as could not even vacuum, never mind exercise. I had learned to be extremely self-sufficient during the years my husband was handicapped and having to rely on anyone else for anything was both foreign and uncomfortable for me. so, this further deteriorated my sense of self.  I won’t go into all the ups and downs of what I have tried to do to get back to where I was, but suffice to say that I have come to the understanding and acceptance that I am who I am. That who I am is special and unique; that all I have experienced in life has created and molded and shaped this woman that I truly enjoy and am proud of. I may not have the muscled, toned body I did before but damn it …  I am 61 years old this month! lol  Not – freaking – bad for my age. hahaha

I am intelligent, accomplished, otherwise healthy, and 8 years older than when the accident changed my life again.

 boudoir shoot

And then – in July Tyler proposed to me making that horrific 2020 of Covid a very special year instead. 🙂

When my friend Karen invited me to your VIP FB page it was like a light of hope went on. Reading the posts and others’ experiences made me want to do this right away. Not just for Tyler, but really, more for myself. I really feel this will help to solidify and confirm how I feel about myself. That I AM still beautiful, that I AM still desirable, that I AM still special in my own right … even though I am not that pre-car accident woman.

I am really looking forward to my session with you, Vivian! Thank you for this opportunity.

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Her testimonial after the shoot

Here is a screenshot of the review she left me after her photo shoot and I I honestly cried when reading this!

5 star review

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