Plus size boudoir photo

Plus Size Boudoir Photography: Boudoir for Every BODY!

I believe that boudoir photography is for everybody and every BODY. You don’t have to be straight-sized or a model to have an incredible boudoir experience. Plus size boudoir photography is an empowering and important experience that you don’t want to hold yourself back from.

Every body is beautiful and deserves to be seen that way. You deserve to believe that you are outrageously gorgeous! Especially if you grew up hearing that your body was “wrong” or not seeing your body represented in the media, plus size boudoir photography is for you.

Plus size boudoir session with redhead woman in black outfit

Plus size boudoir session with redhead woman in black outfit

Why you should book a plus size boudoir shoot

Boudoir is about celebrating your body! During your boudoir session, you will start to love your body exactly as it is – no photoshopping or filters required. It’s your chance to thank your body for always being there for you no matter what.

I want you to know that you can – and you should – feel sexy, confident and beautiful no matter your size. Sexiness is not reserved for certain body types! Every person, no matter their shape or size, can use boudoir to embrace their appearance and start smiling at their reflection in the mirror.

Plus size boudoir photography can also be a great chance to heal the relationship you have with your body. If you’ve spent years hating your body, wishing it were different or treating it poorly, your boudoir session can be the first step on your journey to positive body image. Finding the self-love you desperately need is one of the best gifts boudoir can give you.

This is NOT about hiding your body. Plus size boudoir allows you to accentuate the parts of your body you love best, while you learn to love the rest. Those things you call flaws? I promise you will see those areas of your body in a new light. I will show you how beautiful your curves truly are!

plus size boudoir photography

Nervous to book your session?

I completely understand feeling nervous before your plus size boudoir session. Every woman who has walked through my studio doors, regardless of her size, has been so full of nerves. It is scary to do something outside of your comfort zone.

But I want you to know: You are not alone! Not only have so many women stepped into this new experience with me, but my team and I are here for you. From answering all of your questions beforehand and supporting you in our VIP Group to doing your hair and makeup on the day and showing you how to pose, we have your back from beginning to end.

If you’ve had a bad experience before or hate having your photo taken, I’m so sorry. It breaks my heart when women tell me they think they look bad in photos. But know that my team and I are experts and will guide you through every step. You don’t have to know how to pose, what to wear or how to do your hair. We’ll give you all of the answers and take the stress off your shoulders.

We want to support you through this empowering experience because we know you deserve this.

Boudoir is for you!

I want you to hear this: Boudoir is for you! No matter your size, shape, age or weight, boudoir photography is meant for you, exactly as you are. If you’re a plus size babe, a boudoir session can help you fall in love with your body, embrace your curves and feel more confident every single day. Let’s celebrate you and your gorgeous body!

Ready to book your plus size boudoir session? Get in touch! 

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