How to Prepare for a Boudoir Shoot

So many of my clients are super nervous before their first boudoir session. They have no idea what to expect! But if you know how to prepare for a boudoir shoot, that can help ease a lot of your anxiety. Preparing well ahead of your shoot will help you feel confident and relaxed, and allow you to get the most out of your boudoir experience.

Get inspired

If you have no idea where to start, get inspired by checking out some other boudoir shoots. You can take a look at my photos on Instagram or join my VIP Facebook Group to see past images and hear advice from previous clients. Start a Pinterest board where you can save your favourite outfits, hair and makeup styles, and any poses you want to try.

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Prep your hair

On the day of your boudoir shoot, you will have professional hair and makeup services to give you that luxury experience and ensure you look your very best. My artists are experienced and will work with you to create your desired look, while keeping in mind my lighting and retouching process.

Before your shoot, schedule an appointment at your salon to touch up your colour, take care of dead ends or just to ensure your hair is looking healthy and happy. We don’t recommend doing anything severe, such as a new colour or drastic cut.

how to prepare for a boudoir shoot

Prep your skin

A professional makeup artist is part of your boudoir experience at Klein Studios and your artist will collaborate with you to choose the perfect colours and styles. But there’s still lots you can do before your shoot to prep your skin.

  • Exfoliate & cleanse: Stick to or start a skin exfoliation and cleansing routine leading up to your boudoir shoot. Don’t forget to exfoliate the rest of your body, not just your face!
  • Drink water & eat well: The best way to achieve healthy, bright skin is to drinks lots of water and eat nutritious foods.
  • Remove any unwanted body hair: Before your shoot, remove any unwanted body hair by shaving, waxing, threading or trimming.
  • Tan (if desired): While a tan is not necessary or recommended for your boudoir shoot, some women prefer how they look with a bronze glow or need to even out harsh tan lines. We suggest a professional tanning bed instead of spray tans or self-tanning products.
  • Get your nails done: Go for your manicure and pedicure a few days before your shoot, choosing colours that will match all of your outfits. For a neutral look, opt for a French tip or pastel hue.

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boudoir session in white lingerie

Choose your outfits

The outfits you choose for your boudoir session are so important and should represent the style and feel you’re going for. There are lots of options to choose from and lingerie is not required. You might prefer the “girl next door” look in denim shorts and an off-the-shoulder shirt or a sporty look in your favourite jersey and cute panties. Or maybe you’ll wear a white lingerie set and your veil for a bridal boudoir session. Don’t forget to bring along your favourite jewelry pieces and any special props too.

If there’s an area of your body you want to highlight or would prefer to cover, your outfit can help you do that. A corset can give you an hourglass shape (while covering your stomach), stilettos can make your legs look super long, and cheeky panties can make your rear look its best.

Not sure what to wear? That’s what I’m here for! Get in touch with me, or post your options in my VIP Facebook Group, for advice and answers to all of your outfit questions. Make sure you try on all of your outfits ahead of time so everything fits just right. And don’t forget to cut off any visible tags so they don’t show up in your photos.

24 hours before your boudoir session

By this point, your outfits should be selected and all of your beauty appointments (hair, mani/pedi, wax/thread) should be completed.

The day before your shoot, finish any last minute at-home hair removal, clean your jewelry, and ensure your outfits are tag-free. Pack up your outfits, jewelry, shoes and any other accessories or props you want incorporated in your boudoir shoot so they’re ready to go.

The night before your boudoir shoot, gently exfoliate your face and body. Get a good night’s sleep so you don’t wake up with bags under your eyes!

On the morning of your session, wash and dry your hair, and cleanse and moisturize your face. Eat a healthy breakfast and drink lots of water so you’re camera ready!

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How to mentally prepare for your boudoir session

Now that you know how to prepare for a boudoir shoot when it comes to your physical looks, it’s time to tackle the mental part.

It is completely okay to come to your boudoir session nervous and unsure. My job is to bring out your inner model, teach you how to pose and help you fall in love with your own beauty. All you have to do is want it enough to show up.

Here are some ways to mentally prepare for your boudoir session:

  • Practice calming breathing techniques
  • Follow a guided meditation
  • Do a relaxing yoga practice
  • Recite mantras such as “I am enough” or “I will show myself loving kindness”
  • Treat yourself to a massage or spa treatment
  • Read through testimonials from past boudoir clients
  • Reach out for help! Get in touch with me or find support in my VIP Facebook Group

Quiet the negative voice inside your head that’s telling you that you can’t do this. You deserve to have an incredible boudoir experience!

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