boudoir photography session with angel wings

21 Unique Boudoir Photography Ideas

Every boudoir session I do is unique because every woman brings something different to the table. Even if I’m capturing the same woman for her second or third session, it’s always a unique and special experience. But I especially love when my clients inspire me with their creativity and new boudoir photography ideas.

Below, I’m sharing 21 of my favourite boudoir photography ideas to inspire your creativity and next photo shoot. Feel free to copy one of these ideas or use it to spur something new! The best boudoir sessions happen when you feel empowered, beautiful and true to yourself.

Make a big statement

I recently added this stunning pair of angel wings to my boudoir studio and they have been such a hit! Angel wings are the perfect way to make a big, bold statement in your photos.

boudoir photography session with angel wings

Embrace your hobbies

I love when my clients bring their unique passions and hobbies into their boudoir session. What better time to celebrate the things you love? Whether it’s boxing gloves that make you feel your strongest, a guitar to release your inner rock chick, or a pair of sassy roller skates, representing your hobbies is one of the best boudoir photography ideas out there.

Show off your job

Besides your favourite hobbies, you can also use your boudoir session to pay homage to your career. Consider bringing along your military fatigues, lab coat or another piece of your work uniform.

photography client in army fatigues

Feel luxurious

Nothing says luxury better than a long, sheer robe with fluffy sleeves and detailing. I love how my clients completely transform when this beautiful robe touches their bodies. It’s one of the secret weapons in my client closet!

plus size boudoir in red robe

boudoir with red robe

Grab your partner

Have you ever considered doing a couples boudoir session? It doesn’t get more unique than that! Bring your partner along so they can get the full empowerment treatment. Not only will you get amazing couple photos, but a day in front of the camera is sure to bring you two closer together.

couples boudoir photography

Go team!

Cheer for the home team when you bring your favourite sports jersey to your boudoir session. Not only can you show off your love for your favourite team, but a jersey makes for a super sexy look if you’re gifting your photos to your sports-loving partner.

Get back to nature

I absolutely love spending time in nature, camping with my family and discovering beautiful viewpoints around the Lower Mainland. I’ve been so inspired by the outdoor boudoir photography sessions I’ve been able to do with my clients. I’ve discovered a few hidden gems around Vancouver that are perfect for a private, natural and serene outdoor session.

outdoor boudoir photography

outdoor boudoir photography

Get a little naughty

Sometimes our boudoir photography ideas need to be a little bit riské. I love when my clients push themselves outside of their comfort zone and embrace their inner vixens. Consider spicing things up with handcuffs, a whip or something else that makes you feel sexy.

boudoir photography ideas with handcuffs

Bring in a boho vibe

At my Vancouver boudoir studio, I have a luxury room that is classic French femme boudoir style. But for those looking for something a bit more unique, I have my boho room. It’s complete with natural materials, plants, wall hangings, and funky seating options. My clients have so much fun playing in my boho room!

Vancouver boudoir studio boho room

Play with water

Why not add another element to your boudoir session by bringing in water? This is one of the simplest boudoir photography ideas but also one of the most impactful. There’s something so sensual about water and so many unique ways it can be used to inspire your portraits.

boudoir photography water droplets

Nothing but a sheet

While many people choose to wear lingerie to their boudoir sessions, sometimes there’s nothing better than covering up with a simple sheet. A sheet allows you to be coy and cozy, revealing just as much as you want to in the moment.

Bridal boudoir beauty

Many brides-to-be choose to do a boudoir session before their wedding, often gifting an album to their partner on the big day. To mark the occasion, don’t forget to bring along your veil and other wedding accessories. You may also want to wear white lingerie for the complete bridal look.

bridal boudoir with veil

Get artistic

I’ve always loved showing off body art through a tattoo boudoir session. You can take that idea to the next level with body paint, a beautiful and creative way to enhance your next session.

body paint photography

Have fun with it!

While boudoir is truly transformative, healing and powerful…it’s also a lot of fun! My clients are always smiling, laughing and making time for play during their sessions. Bring along some fun props to help keep the smile on your face all session long.

boudoir photo with bubbles

boudoir photo with a light saber

Tell a story

Props are best when they help you tell a story, convey a mood or set the perfect tone for your session. Instead of thinking of your props as standalone items, consider how you can interact with them to bring out your inner boudoir babe.

Steal their clothes

If you’re surprising your partner with your boudoir photos, a great idea is to bring along an item or two of their clothing. There’s nothing sexier than seeing you all dressed up in his shirt and tie!

wear his clothes to your boudoir session

Give attitude

I love when my clients rock a leather jacket or tall pair of boots. They know they’re sexy and they’re not afraid to own it!

boudoir photo with leather boots

Strip down

While you’re not required to go bare during your boudoir session, many of my clients choose to do so. They feel empowered by the boudoir experience and comfortable enough to get vulnerable and own the skin they are in. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a pretty magical moment!

Shine bright

Looking for boudoir photography ideas to mix up your next session? Why not add a pop of colour? I love when my clients show off the best and brightest in their outfits.

colourful lingerie for boudoir photography

Embrace your inner plant mom

It seems like everyone was working on their garden or cultivating house plants in 2020. If you love all things green and natural, you can incorporate that into your boudoir session.

plants at boudoir session

Get dramatic

There’s nothing bolder than a black and white photo on a dramatic black background. I love shooting my clients like this and mixing it up from the more light and airy shots we do.

Which idea do you like best? What boudoir photography ideas will you be bringing to your next session?

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