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3 Reasons Why We Love Dark and Moody Boudoir Photos

I’ve always said that boudoir is transformative. And while I’m usually talking about an inner transformation, where my clients find the confidence and self-love they’ve always searched for, there’s an outer transformation too. And one of my favourite ways to transform a client’s look is by creating dark and moody boudoir photos!

The dark and moody boudoir style is definitely one of my signatures. It’s beautiful and a stark contrast to something more light and airy. Creating dark and moody images is totally different, and one of my favourite styles to play with during a boudoir session. Plus, my clients love these sultry shots too!

dark and moody boudoir portrait in black and white

dark and moody boudoir session

Here are three reasons why I love dark and moody boudoir photos:

Dark and moody boudoir photos are sexier!

There’s something about these darker images that make them so much sexier! There’s an added layer of sensuality and romance with the shadows and dark lighting. Everything feels more seductive when the lights go down!

As much as I love the light and airy photos we create, nothing beats the tempting dark and moody style. My clients gravitate towards this style and it’s always a favourite for albums and framed wall art.

black and white boudoir photo

You can be anonymous in the shadows

If you’re feeling a little nervous, the dark and moody vibe gives you the option to be anonymous. I’ve taken lots of photos where a client’s distinguishing features are hidden in the shadows. We can even just focus on certain body parts like your chest, leaving you totally incognito.

In fact, most of my fine art nudes are done in this dark and moody style. It’s the best way to capture a more vulnerable pose without exposing everything.

When you aren’t showing your face in bright light, you allow yourself to be a little more daring. I can see my clients’ confidence grow as we snap away in this darker lighting.

boudoir shower session

water boudoir session

Use dark and moody lighting to highlight certain areas (and hide others!)

One of the top reasons to embrace a dark and moody vibe at your next boudoir session is because it’s the best way to highlight areas you love – and hide areas you don’t! With the correct use of lighting and shadows, we’re able to bring the focus to certain areas of your body while covering up anything you don’t want to draw attention to.

This style of boudoir photography is super flattering and can be a great way to hide any imperfections. If you’re sensitive about a certain area of your body, I can help pose and light you to totally disguise the area you don’t want to show off.

On the other hand, we can use the dark and moody style to bring attention to specific parts of you too. I love using this style when creating the wet t-shirt look, steamy shower boudoir scenes and when posing with a white sheet. The lighting allows me to focus in on smaller, sexy aspects, like a droplet of water.

water boudoir photography

Tip: You need the right lighting for dark and moody boudoir photos

Achieving the dark and moody boudoir look isn’t as simple as turning off the lights. I work with my clients to strategically place and pose them in just the right light to capture the most flattering angle. If the lighting and placement aren’t just right, the end result could be total darkness or stark bright light – neither of which give us the dark, sexy and moody boudoir look we are going for!

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fishnet boudoir photography outfit ideas

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