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Finding confidence within

Jerrica’s resolution this year was to gain more confidence. After having a baby she felt like she had lost herself. She gained significant weight in pregnancy, and even though she lost even more after she didn’t have time to be “her”. She spent days in her pajamas, breastfeeding for hours. After her son turned one she returned to work and gained a little alone time back. Over the next year she focused a little more on her. She chopped her hair, dyed it, started getting her nails done, and she got breast implants. With all that you’d think she felt feel oodles of confidence but she still didn’t. She was constantly waiting for something to change, for her skin to clear up, to get tanned, to tone up a bit, maybe get a nose job. What she has realized though is that changing her appearance doesn’t create confidence. Confidence comes from within. So this year Jerrica stepped out of her comfort zone to find it. Take a pole dancing class, climb another mountain, take boudoir photos, and find the confidence that comes from within! I’m super proud of her and hope this shoot helped her find that inner confidence!

before after jerrica


“The pictures are phenomenal. Sometimes while posing my insecurities would creep up and I’d be thinking “there’s no way this looks good”, but then Vivian would get all excited about a shot and show me, and I was floored! She’s an absolute magician! My favorite part was Vivian’s passion! I couldn’t help but laugh as she climbed around the studio on step ladders and chairs, hitting her head on lights and nearly breaking tables! She’s so insanely passionate about what she does, that she convinces you you’re beautiful. I’m sure my words aren’t sufficient but essentially her genuine love for photography inspired me, and exhilarated me through the shoot. It was a wonderful experience! Before the shoot I was so nervous about my flaws. I wanted to hide my big nose, make my waist smaller, make sure you couldn’t see the blemishes on my skin; but Vivian made me forget about those things by keeping me inspired with her passion and shooting me in a way that disguised my insecurities and highlighted my best features! I can’t thank Vivian enough, I’ll cherish these photos forever!”

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